Wildlife and Tiger Safari

Tiger Safari India – Plan a Close Encounter with Nature’s Most Dangerous Predators

Are you quite passionate about watching majestic tigers in their natural habitat, then come and get indulge in wildlife and tiger safari tours planned by reputed travel consultant, Royal India Holiday. India is bestowed with splendid natural beauty, which is full of diversity and richness and is known to be immensely gifted by nature. Right from varied species of plants and animals to rills of crystal clear water, to exotic landscapes to mighty mountains to lush green forests to unique variety of birds and diverse wildlife, India is full of diversity and richness that exhilarate every tourist visiting for a spectacular and wonderful holiday experience.


Royal India Holiday takes you on Enigmatic Wildlife and Tiger Safari Tours

Royal India Holiday plans some wonderful wildlife expeditions that will surprise and introduce tourists with rare animal species and varied types of birds and reptiles. Our wildlife and tiger safari tours will take you to the heart of nature through their carefully planned packages like Tiger Safari and the Taj, Asiatic Lion Safari, Indian Rhinos and Tiger Safari, Culture and Tiger Safari, Tiger Safari and Beaches, Big Five of Indian Jungles and India Luxury Wildlife Tour. Ranthambhore, Kanha and Bandhvagarh national parks are the major attractions of safari and wildlife tours that are included in almost every package, as tourists have great chance of witnessing tigers in their natural habitat.


Visit Land of Tigers for an Adrenaline Rush Experience

With almost half of world’s tiger population present here, India is rightly dubbed as Land of Tigers. India is also known to have some world’s finest national parks, which tourists can visit for spotting tiger. In order to provide enigmatic safari experience, we have designed both luxurious and economical itineraries for worldwide tourists, who visit in pursuit of sights that are previously unseen. No matter how much you have travelled and explored India but the thrill and adventure of catching glimpse of nature’s best and dangerous predators will be absolute astonishing and will surely give an adrenaline rush. Thus, plan a wildlife and tiger safari tour today to be onto roads less travelled and to have an experience of a lifetime.