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The rapid spread of Covid 19 has literally stopped most activity in the world. This is specially true for travel, with most countries closing borders and even prohibiting or discouraging inter city travel. As we stay at home to keep ourselves and our community safe, here are some fun things for travel buffs to do -

Learn a new language:

Even if your actual travel plans seem like a distant dream right now, you can start learning the language of the place you want to visit next and be prepared for the time you get there!

Read a book:

Read a book set in a different place or country and travel there in your mind.

Watch a travel documentary:

If you can't actually travel to a place, the next best thing to it could possibly be watching a travel documentary on the place, which will give a taste of the place, culture and other nuances.

Watch a foreign film:

Immerse yourself in a foreign culture for a few hours by watching a film that is not of your country.

Share family travel tales:

Whether it is with family members at home or on video call with family and friends, a conversation about travels they've had is sure to leave you rejuvenated!

Create a travel collage:

You can put together photographs from your favourite vacations and create a photo or video collage. Share it with others and inspire them to do the same!

Travel inwards:

Travel is all about exploration. With busy lives, we hardly get the time to stop and introspect and figure what really makes us tick. You can use this gift of time to turn your gaze inwards and explore the within you what truly makes you happy!

Do share if you have more ideas. Stay home, stay safe.

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